Computer Integration Specialists
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About Us

Computer Integration Specialists started as a result of my position as a computer repair technician with a local retail store. Corporate rules and store policies often prevented me from helping customers get what they really needed. I started a small company taking pride in my satisfied customers. In fact, the first two years I was in business, I did no advertising, but relied on word of mouth from my other customers to build my business. Although we run things a bit differently now, we still get much of our business from customer referrals. That speaks volumes about how our customers feel about the support we provide.
Thank you for stopping by to look around. If you are searching for computer support you can count on, look no further. We thrive on perfection and customer satisfaction. We always strive to provide our customers with the support they expect and deserve. I am sure we can develop a solution that will meet your expectations and desires. Get what you want today. Email us with a name, phone number and brief description of your needs, or just give us a call and we will have the appropriate person contact you. Your whole concept of computer support is about to change!
Jim Cleek
Computer Integration Specialists, Inc.